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Avraham Fried CD Hupp Cossack

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Avraham Fried CD Hupp Cossack

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Avraham Fried CD Hupp Cossack

As Chassidism breathed new life into Judaism, Chassidic neginah infused Jewish song with a verve and spirit unknown to Judaism up to the revelation of the Baal Shem Tov. Chassidic song expresses the joy and yearnings of the soul, a reflection of these themes as explored in the teachings of Chassidus. Chabad nigunim, while sharing the excitement and exuberance of the generic Chassidic melody, are unique in their intellectual intensity and depth. The songs range from stirring, profound and introspective melodies, to lively tunes expressing the joy of serving G-d. These nigunim were composed and sung by the Chabad Rebbes and Chassidim of Russia whose daily lives were permeated with mesiras nefesh. These are the songs of Avraham Fried's childhood. Standing, one amongst thousands, in an atmosphere of sublime holiness at farbrengens with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, one could feel the soul itself sing out and join the fervent singing led by the Rebbe. (Copyright 1996)

Track Listing

1 Nigun Simcha #1 Play Windows Media

2 Essen Esst Zich  

3 "Hupp Cossack!"  

4 Nigun for Shabbos and Yom Tov  

5 Nigun Simcha #2  

6 Keli Ata Play Windows Media

7 Nyeh Zhuritsi  

8 Ach Lailokim  

9 Nigun Simcha #3  

10 Haneiros Halolu  

11 Nigun Simcha #4  

12 Tzomoh Lecho Nafshi Play Windows Media

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Genre Chassidic
Popular Artists Avraham Fried
Language Hebrew & English

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