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Avraham Fried CD Kama Tov Shenifgashnu

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Avraham Fried CD Kama Tov Shenifgashnu

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Avraham Fried CD Kama Tov Shenifgashnu

Dear Friends,

The story of this album begins 15 years ago with "one small leaf" (עלה אחד קטן), who knew storms and thunderstorms, but overcame the crises of the time.
Knowing that "someone always goes along with me" (מישהו הולך תמיד איתי). In the face of a "stormy wind and a cold storm" (רוח סער וסופה קרה), he knew that "only prayer" (רק תפילה) would help him become stronger.
To this wonderful journey, I was also drawn, I found myself again and again moved by the power of the words, to connect, bridge and unite  And this bridge was wider than anything imaginable, and had room for all those who music of his life is harmonious.
And you walked along this bridge with me, strengthened me, encouraged me and you hoped that "all roads" (כל הדרכים) will lead this journey to its desired conclusion
I felt that it was "a connection of souls, it's a real connection." (חיבור של נשמות, 
זה קשר אמיתי
This album  my friends, is yours and for you, and to you all I say "How good it is that we met" (כמה טוב שנפגשנו)
Twelfth of Tammuz 5777

Track Listing:

1 - Maslul Me'chadash (4:09)
2 - Over Ma Sh'over (3:39)
3 - Ani Shar (3:55)
4 - Rak Milim Pshutoit (2:58)
5 - Pashut Anashim (3:44)
6 - Achim B'nefesh (3:52)
7 - Zeh La'zeh (4:57)
8 - El Ha'or (4:14)
9 - Shlach Li Koach (4:20)
10 - Yerushalayim Sh'balev (3:46)
11 - Shirat Ha'asavim (3:58)
12 - Hashem Yelachem (3:58)














13 - Kama Tov Shenifgashnu (4:24)

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List Price $16.99
Genre Chassidic
Popular Artists Avraham Fried
Language Hebrew & English

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