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Beloved Companions - Volume l and ll (H/C)

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Beloved Companions - Volume l and ll (H/C)

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Insights on Domestic Tranquility From the Weekly Parsha

This book is really three books in one. First and foremost, it is a book on shalom bayis, where a person can learn a great deal about how to have a wonderful and satisfying marriage. Second, it is a book of stories that all have important morals to teach. It is also an interpretation of midrashim, delving into the often difficult and unclear language of the midrash with probing questions. These questions are then answered to reveal new explanations and insights into the midrash's deeper meaning. The idea for this book grew out of a series of lectures on the subject of shalom bayis which the author gave during a visit to the United States in March 1993. In many different cities people approached hum after the lecture and urged him to write a book on the subject. He took these repeated suggestions to be a hint from Above that he should make these insights available to a broader audience. It was apparent from the attentive and enthusiastic response of his American audiences that there was great interest in the topic and in the manner in which it was presented to them, through stories, parables, and midrashim. The purpose of this book is to teach readers how to have a successful marriage. If a marriage is already in crises, this book may not be able to save it, but it can certainly explain how to avoid reaching such an unfortunate situation. Even the greatest people sometimes find themselves in conflict with their spouses. Therefore this book is intended for everyone, great people and simple people alike. All will find here something to learn and something they can apply in their marriage. Even if you already are aware of every concept and piece of advice that is written in the book, it is still important to remind yourself continually of your marital obligations. All the chapters in this book follow a unique format. First a pasuk is presented along with its English translation taken from the Torah portion of the week. This is followed by a story, which introduces either directly or indirectly the central message of that particular article. Afterwards a midrash appears, relating to the message mentioned in the story. The midrash is then explained, as the nature of the midrashim is to be somewhat obscure. Finally, the practical lessons that can be learned form the story and the midrash about shalom bayis are revealed, along with specific suggestions for how to improve the quality of your marriage.
by Rabbi Yisroel Pesach Feinhandler

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Publisher Feldheim

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