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English Hebrew / Hebrew English Dictionary

Author:  M. Segal

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English Hebrew / Hebrew English Dictionary

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English Hebrew / Hebrew English Dictionary

This dictionary, comprising appoximately 50,000 entries, has been compiled primarily as a practical aid for two classes of users: 1) first and foremost, for Hebrew-speaking Israelis 9wheter high-school pupils, university students, members of the professions, businessmen, or general readers) who requie a reliable source of information about the vocabulary of contemporary English employed in spoken and written communication, and in the various forms of non-specialist prose writing; and 20 also for English-speaking learners of Hebrew, as an aid to the enlargement of their active Hebrew vocabulary.

With the needs of these two groups in mind, the English items included in this dictionary have been restricted to the "central" vocabulary commonly employed by speakers and writers of contemporary English. Technical and specialist terms have therefore been excluded, with the exception of such as have, for a variety of reasons, gained widespread currency outside the restricted field of knowledge in which they originated (e.g. anaesthetist, crescendo, extrapolate, introvert, oxygen, syncopate, syndrome, trauma, etc., etc.). The aim has been to provide for the needs of as wide a readership as possible, and therefore to avoid cumbering the dictionary with a large number of highly specific and "learned" terms which, however important in themselves, are of interest only to the specialists in each particular field, whose needs are in any case catered for by "technical" English-Hebrew dictionaries and word - lists (such as those published by the Hebrew Language Academy).

This is a practical bilingual dictionary of Israeli Hebrew. As such, it is intended primarily as a lexical aid for English-speaking learners and users of contemporary Hebrew 9highschool pupils, university students, professional people, bussinessmen, and the general public), who require a reliable and up-to-date source information about the meaning of Hebrew words in common spokenand written use. With these readers in mind, the dictionary has been provided with morphological and phonological details only on the Hebrew side, it being assumed that such details of English are superfluous for English-speakers. At the same time, the dictionary will also serve the needs of Hebrew-speakers seeking to enlarge their active English vocabulary.

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Author M. Segal
Publisher Publishing House Kiryat - Safer

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