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Hitler and His Secret Partners (H/C)

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Hitler and His Secret Partners (H/C)

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Hitler and His Secret Partners (H/C)
Contributions, Loot and Rewards, 1933-1946

Here, for the first time, is the full story of the financial calculation, exploitation, and greed at the core of the Third Reich, and of an amassed legacy that continues to make headlines with the recent emergence of Nazi accounts in Swiss banks. Discover the explosive truth about the men and women who provided Hitler with money and moral support, and what they received in return. Included are these startling revelations: Many of Germany's top industrialists and financiers who secretly funded Hitler's regime were rewarded with multi-billion dollar returns on their investments. After each invasion, they met to divvy up the spoils of Hitler's war: seized factories, machinery, and raw materials. Sympathetic foreign bankers, journalists, and politicians gave Hitler vital support, event to he point of betraying their own countries. But no two foreign figures were more important that the future King Edward Vlll of England, and his companion, Wallis Simpson, who may have been a Nazi collaborator. Joseph Kennedy, American ambassador to England and father of a future president, gave tacit approval to Hitler's "Jewish policy", a chilling stand aggravated by American anti-Semites, such as Charles Lindbergh. Evidence suggests that one of the motives for the Holocaust was profit. Jewish businesses were seized, property confiscated, and valuable art collections plundered. The concentration camps themselves, where millions died, were designed to serve as sources of slave labor for German industry. Portrayed by the Nazi propaganda machine as a man of simple tastes, Adolf Hitler actually led a life of luxury, extravagance and corruption, sparing no expense in the indulgence of his every whim, from the architectural to the sexual.
by James Pool

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