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The Life-Transforming Diet [Paperback]

Author:  David J Zulberg

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The Life-Transforming Diet

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The Life-Transforming Diet [Paperback]
Experience an inner and outer transformation
with David Zulberg's The Life-Transforming Diet. This simple, practical and anything-but-boring program is more than merely a diet. It is a lifestyle that you can live with, because you are empowered to choose what to eat � and when to eat it. Based on the wisdom of Maimonides (Rambam), one of the greatest Jewish sages who ever lived and the outstanding doctor of his time, the Life-Transforming Diet will give you the tools for optimum emotional and physical health, a more spiritual outlook and sustainable weight loss, no matter what your age, gender or occupation.

The Life-Transforming Diet offers you:
- gradual, step-by-step implementation of a new approach to eating: you don�t go �cold turkey�

- theoretical and practical information, including insights into how we form bad habits and tips for laying the foundation for new, better ones

- a simple, quick and well-rounded exercise program that doesn�t require a financial commitment

- a do-it-yourself support system that takes only a few minutes a day

- advice for Shabbos and other dieting challenges

- an intelligent and realistic maintenance program

Praise for the Life-Transforming Diet:
�David Zulberg has made a valuable contribution by the publication of his masterful work, The Life-Transforming Diet. He has done an important service in providing a popular setting and scintillating attractiveness for what is usually resisted for its restrictiveness and deprivation. He has endowed regulated behavior with an aura of fun and excitement.� - Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaas and Senior Halachic Consultant for the OU

�Having had the privilege, for the past decade, of working with people suffering from eating disorders, it is a particular simcha for me to see that David Zulberg has put out a monumental work entitled The Life-Transforming Diet�. I am confident that this book will be received and will replace secular books of this genre. All who read it fulfill the mitzvah, �You shall greatly beware of your souls.�� -Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Author, lecturer and eating disorders counselor

�David Zulberg has taken Maimonides� instructions for proper nutrition, accompanied by other suggestions for proper living, and made them�easily understood�. It is a major contribution to a field where there is so much controversy and confusion.� - Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Aliquippa, PA

�This book provides both the rationale and the practical advice needed to begin and maintain a sensible nutritional program to optimize weight control and general health. Highly recommended.� - Rabbi Akiva Tatz, M.D., well-known lecturer and author of Living Inspired, Worldmask, and Letters to a Buddhist Jew

The Life-Transforming Diet has presented a program based on Maimonides� teachings on health [which] addresses dietary, exercise and behavioral aspects of eating. The importance of gradual and sustained changes is emphasized in this book�.� - Dr. Charlene Wolberg, medical director of Linksfield Med-Clinic, South Africa

�This book goes back to the building blocks of exercise and diet. It makes it easy for everyone. Now you can�t say �I don�t have time,� because the Life-Transforming Diet teaches how a little goes a long way.� - Natasha Louw, Hons., biokineticist, qualified health and exercise expert

If you think dieting just isn�t for you, read what people on the Life-Transforming Diet used to say and are saying now:

Although I�m an avid reader of diet books, I myself have never lost weight permanently.�

�After losing and regaining thousands of pounds, I finally found an answer to my prayers: a way of life that is healthy, spiritual, fulfilling, and that facilitates weight loss.�

I feel tired a lot of the time, and my energy levels are low.

Since I have been on this program I have seen a major change in my general mood and emotional reactions��.I am much more patient and much less impulsive.

I can�t sustain complicated and time-consuming exercise workouts.ï

The basic, well-rounded Life-Transforming exercise program is not about complexity but rather simplicity and practicality.

�Each diet I�ve been on has had its positive aspects, but ultimately I felt bored and deprived by their monotonous repetitiveness.�

On the Life-Transforming Diet, I am able to customize my own program to suit my schedule and interests exactly the way I like it.�

impossible for Shabbos observers to be on a diet.

the best part for me is that I don�t dread Shabbos meals

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Author David J Zulberg
Publisher Feldheim

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