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Camp Shalva Choir CD Anim Zemiros

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Anim Zemiros

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Camp Shalva Choir CD Anim Zemiros
It’s been four years since the Jewish music world lost one of the greatest composers of all time, Rabbi Moshe Goldman z”l. R' Moshe was a man of many worlds – the world of Torah, the world of chassidus, the world of business … and the world of music. It was, in fact, the world of music that touched upon the essence of his lofty neshamah, as he harnessed his koach haneginah to express his passion for Hakadosh Baruch Hu, His Torah, and His children.

Three years ago in honor of his first Yahrtzeit, the Goldman family released the album “B’Chol HaOlamos” (Camp Shalva #20), because their father’s music transcends worlds.

Now, nearly four years later the time has come to continue the legacy the Goldman started those many years ago. This new album “Camp Shalva – Anim Zemiros” features songs never before released, composed by the famed Reb Moshe A”H. Some of the songs we recorded on a digital recorder so Reb Moshe would not forget them, while other songs were remembered by family members as zemiros sung by the Goldman Shabbos table. Anim Zemiros is an album consisting of solely Shabbos zemiros arranged by Reb Moshe’s talented son Chaim Yitzchok. The album also includes Shabbos songs on words we say in the Shabbos prayers. Besides for the vocals of the famed Camp Shalva choir, the album also features a guest vocalist, the comparable Isaac Honig.
Track Listing:
1 - Anim Zmirois (5:35)
2 - Veshivisi (9:43)
3 - Rom Venisu (5:12)
4 - Aishes Chayil (3:17)
5 - Tzeer Misheloi (11:35)
6 - Menuchas Emes (4:29)
7 - Ku Riboin (15:42)
8 - Shevach Yikor (4:54)

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Artist Camp Shalva Choir
Genre Chassidic
Language Hebrew

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