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Neshoma Orchestra Presents Let's Sing The Aleph Beis CD

Author:  Neshoma Orchestra

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Neshoma Orchestra Presents Let's Sing The Aleph Beis CD

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We all know children have a unique ability to remember everything – especially songs! What better way to teach a child the Aleph Beis than with an album of 22 songs – one for each letter. This album will give any toddler a head start toward their Hebrew education – while making learning fun!

Track Listing

1 Alef-Beis song Play Windows Media

2 Aleph is for Achas  

3 Beis is for Bubba  

4 Gimmel is for Gadol  

5 Daled is fo D'vash  

6 Hey is for Horah  

7 Vav is for Abba V'ima  

8 Zayin is for Zevi  

9 Ches is for Choref  

10 Tes is for Boker Tov  

11 Yud is for Yom Play Windows Media

12 Kof is for Kelev  

13 Lamed is for Layla  

14 Mem is for Mayim Play Windows Media

15 Nun is for Nekudos  

16 Samach is for Soos  

17 Ayin in the Sky  

18 Pey is for Pa'amon  

19 Tzakik is for Tzahov  

20 Koof is for Kugel  

21 Reish is for Rikud  

22 Shin is for Shir  

23 Sin is for Seesu  

24 Tof is for Torah  

Additional Information

Ships Free? Eligible for Free Shipping
List Price $14.99
Author Neshoma Orchestra
Genre Children
Language Hebrew & English

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