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Dirshu CD Taana Devei Eliyahu

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Dirshu CD Taana Devei Eliyahu

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Dirshu CD Taana Devei Eliyahu

Shalom Vagshal Productions is excited to introduce: The Menagnim orchestra is releasing its first taste from their quality upcoming album, called “Taana Devei Eliyahu“, which accompanied the glorious moments during the Siyum Daf Yomi of Halacha for the Dirshu international organization, which happened back in Nissan with an impressive display of Gedolim, together with thousands of celebrants in Israel and internationally.

The album contains a collection of about 80 minutes worth of Chassidic music, together with the Menagnim orchestra, conducted by Moishe Roth, with the Malchus choir and the children’s Malchus Kinder choir, conducted by Pinchas Bichler.

The list of professionals includes Rav Yermiah Damen, Isaac Honig, Shloime Cohen, Areleh Samet, Eli Herzlich, and others.
The album has some of the standard classic Chassidic music throughout the generations, and some new material as well, composed by R’ Dovid Hofstedter, and his son-in-law Ari Seidenfeld, and the whole project was arranged by Moshe Laufer.

Track Listing:

1. Mecharuzos Dirshu

2. U'v'makehelos

3. K'nesher

4. V'serev Lefonecha

5. Yisgaber

6. Tana Debi

7. Shaarei Tzion

8. Mesikos Torah

9. Nigunei Simcha

10. Ana Emtzecha

11. Lulei Torasecha

12. Rofei Cholei Amoi Yisroel

13. K'eil Tarug

14. Ata Horayis

15. Keter

16. V'yerushalayim

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Artist Various Artists
Genre Chassidic
Language Hebrew

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