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DVDaf #2: Megillah thru Kiddushin

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DVDaf #2: Megillah thru Kiddushin

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<!--StartFragment -->&nbsp; <P>Access <I>shiurim</I> (classes) on the Talmud, from the famous Dial-a-Daf Talmud class phone service, on your computer! Click on the on-screen <I>daf</I> (<I>gemara</I> page) to listen to a lecture. Includes all the classes given on each tractate.</P> <P>Features include: </P> <UL> <LI>Click on any reference in the Talmud, Rashi or Tosfos and access it instantly. <LI>Click on any starting point to listen to a Dial-a-Daf class. <LI>Click on any referenced <I>posuk</I> (verse) in the <I>gemara</I> and access it in context within <I>Tanach</I>. <LI>Click on <I>Ein Mishpat</I> and instantly access Rambam, Tur and <I>Shulchan Aruch</I>. <LI>Numerous reference texts and graphics</LI></UL>Volume 2 of DVDaf includes the following masechtos (tractates): <UL> <LI>Megillah <LI>Moed Katan <LI>Chagigah <LI>Yevamos <LI>Kesuvos <LI>Nedarim <LI>Nazir <LI>Sotah <LI>Gittin <LI>Kiddushin</LI></UL> <P><B>Windows CD</B></P> <P><I>Requirements: <BR>PC with Windows 98/ME/NT/XP, 32MB RAM minimum, DVD-ROM drive, sound card</I></P>

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