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Eliezer Auerbach CD Ani Omel

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Eliezer Auerbach CD Ani Omel

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Eliezer Auerbach CD Ani Omel

Rabbi Eliezer Auerbach lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and serves as Senior Magid Shiur in Yeshivas Bais Yitzchok (Yeshiva College) and Hirsh Lyons boys high school. He also learns and teaches in Kollel Yad Shaul.

From a young age, it was apparent that Rabbi Auerbach had talent and a passion for music. He started playing and composing music at a very young age, and continues composing to this day.

Track Listing:

1. Ani Omel (Featuring Shira Chadasha, Yididim & Jjbc)
2. Dodi Yorad
3. Hayom Katzar (Featuring Yedidim & Jjbc)
4. Yiboneh (Featuring Shira Chadasha & Matanel Tucker)
5. Siman Tov (Featuring Moshe Roth Choir)
6. Boi Beshalom (Featuring Joel Sachar Choir & Shira Chadasha)
7. Eheye Katal (Featuring Yedidim)
8. Koh Ribon (Featuring Yididim, Shira Chadasha & Jjbc)
9. Vesomachto (Featuring Yididim & Shira Chadasha)
10. Chasin (Featuring Yididim)
11. Hodu (Featuring Yididim & Shira Chadasha)
12. Hamavdil (Featuring Joel Sachar Choir & Shira Chadasha)
13. I Langa I Langa (Featuring Yedidim)

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List Price $15.99
Artist Eliezer Auerbach
Genre Chassidic
Language Hebrew

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