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Fishel Schachter Double CD A World Of Midos- Beraishis

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Fishel Schachter Double CD A World Of Midos- Beraishis

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Written and narrated by the renowned Torah educators, Reb Fishel Schachter and Reb Yonasan Schwartz, this double CD features beautiful midos stories your children can enjoy throughout the entire year on the entire Sefer Bereishis.


Track Listing:

 1    Bereishis - The Reward for Remaining Silent     

2    Noach - Stealing of Any Kind - Dor Hamabil     

3    Lech L'cha - Simple Emunah     

4    Vayeirah - Doing a Mitzvah With a Smile     

5    Chayei Sara - Never Question the Torah's Words     

6    Toldos - The Root of All Bad Midos     

7    Vayeitzei - Seeds of Truth & Honesty     

8    Vayishlach - Learning To Be Responsible     

9    Vayeishev - Fire Versus Embarassing Your Friend     

10    Mikeitz - Don't Bow To Your Borsalino     

11    Vayigash - How To Be Zoche to Eliyahu Hanavi     

12    Vaychi - Feeling the Pain of Other


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