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Fishel Schachter Double CD A World Of Midos- Shemos

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Fishel Schachter Double CD A World Of Midos- Shemos

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Written and narrated by the renowned Torah educators, Reb Fishel Schachter and Reb Yonasan Schwartz, this double CD/Cassette features beautiful Shabbos stories your children can enjoy throughout the entire year on the entire Sefer Shemos.

Track Listing:

1    Shemos - Courage to Speak Out

2    Vaeira - Cutting Your Losses     

3    Bo - Be Nice, Listen Twice     

4    Beshalach - The Amazing Shabbos Food     

5    Yisro - Kibud Av V'aim     

6    Mishpatim - Hakoras Hatov     

7    Terumah - A Cry in The Night     

8    Tetzaveh - Report Card Day     

9    Ki Sisa - The Chofetz Chaim's Vision     

10    Vayakhel - Quack Quack     

11    Pekudei - The Heavenly Sweep

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