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Gedolim in the Succah

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Gedolim in the Succah
Gedolim in the Succah Gedolim in the Succah Gedolim in the Succah Gedolim in the Succah

A beautiful canvas print of great Chassidshe and Litvishe Gedolim in the Succah.

From Left to right: Immrey Emes of Gur, Ahavas Yisroel from Viznitz, Bais Yisroel from Gur, Skolener Rebbe, Imrey Chaim from Viznitz, Machnovke Rebbe, R' Moshe Arye Friend, Tosher Rebbe, Kloisenburger  Rebbe, Rimnitzer Rebbe, R' Yaakov Kamenetsky, R'Yitzkel (Pshevorsk), The Steipler, R' Aron from Belz, R' Chaim Shmulevich, R' Yosef Yitzchak from Lubavich, Munkacher Rebbe, The Chazon Ish, Bobover Rebbe, R' Isser Zalman Melzer, Skverer Rebbe, Spinker Rebbe, Brosker Rov, R'Moshe Feinstein, Lelover Rebbe, Puppa Rebbe, R' Aron Kotler, Rav Shach, R' Yankele (Pshevorsk), Belzer Rebbe, R' Yisocher Dov& the Satmar Rebbe.

Our Fine Art Prints on Canvas are available framed and unframed. We offer 3 different framing styles for your enjoyment.

Due to the custom nature of this product, all sales are final.

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