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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 25 Bereishis Set - 12 CDs

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12 Lectures Corresponding to the Book of Bereishis

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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 25 Bereishis Set - 12 CDs

12 Lectures:

Bereishis:The Bracha on the Havdalah Candle
Noach V'sain Tal U'Matar - Starting to early?
Lech Lecha: The Baal Teshuva who wants to convert his Non-Jewish girlfriend
Vayeira: Must you start Shmoneh Esrai exactly with the Tzibbur?
Chayei Sarah: Oops! I already davened Mincha
Toldos: Fascinating Bar Mitzva Shailos
Vayeitzei: Davening with a Minyan - more than an Inyan? Vayishlach:Tefilas Haderech: How long of a trip?
Vayeishev: Doing a Mitzvah in face of a Sakanah
Mikeitz: Havdalah or Ner Chanukah - Which comes first?
Vayigash:K'rias Shema: What is the proper Kavanah?
Vayechi: Grandfather or Great Grandfather - who should be Sandik?

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List Price $99.99
Author Rabbi Yissocher Frand
Genre Torah
Language English

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