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Kever Rachel String - Thin String

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Made in Israel

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Kever Rachel String - Thin String

his Bracelet Can Change your Life Kabbalah teaches how the universe works spiritually. Apply Kabbalah and you'll have tremendous advantages. It can help you influence your surroundings through its power, so you can have the things you want. Read on to see why our Kabbalah bracelet is different from others.

Why We Need Protection From The “Evil Eye” Negative energy from jealous people is known as the “Evil Eye”. A number of cultures believe it can keep you from achieving your goals. Italians call the “Evil Eye” “Mal Ochio”, and in Turkey it’s the reason many parents keep newborns away from strangers for forty days. Celebrities know that the “Evil Eye” goes way beyond superstition. Wearing a real Kabbalah bracelet offers you spiritual protection from negative energy whether it comes from the general public or from people you’re close to, and helps set you up for success and good luck.

There Are More Advantages Kabbalists believe proper spiritual protection helps prevent accidents by allowing you to function at your best, and to escape disease through the greatest natural healer - your own body. Even poverty and misfortune may be avoided. Getting great wealth is possible for all of us. Getting spiritual help makes it easier to reach your goals.

The Secret Of Rachel's Tomb What is so special about our genuine Kabbalah string? Most importantly, Kabbalah scholars wrap it seven times around the Tomb of Rachel on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel. True Kabbalists have been winding the string for thousands of years in order to gather the great spiritual strength that Rachel was known for in ancient Israel.

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