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HASC: Hasc 18 - DVD - Chai

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HASC: Hasc 18 - DVD - Chai

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HASC: Hasc 18 - DVD - Chai

If you weren't there, you are now - this is one concert you won't soon forget!

Celebrate HASC's 18th year with performances by Yaakov Shwekey, The Yeshiva Boys Choir, Matisyahu, Srully Williger, Ohad!, Eli Gerstner, Piamenta, Shlomo Simcha, Lipa Schmeltzer, Yossi Green, Rabbi Boruch Levine, The Rabbis Sons, Rabbi Baruch Chait, Itzy Weinberger, Rivie Schwebel, Dov Levine, Heshy Walfish. Concert Chairman - Elly Kleinman, Music by Neginah Orchestra, Hosted by Nachum Segal, Production Coordinator - Adam Melzer, Musical Director - Yisroel Lamm. Includes 4 new songs and 3 music videos. Available on Double CD & DVD.


And last but not least.. the Video Clips of Lipa performing. LIPA at his best!

Track Listing:

        1.     Overture                             
        2.     Adon Olam (The Yeshiva Boys Choir - Composed By Yossi Newman & Arranged By Eli Gerstner)                             
        3.     Kol Hamispalel (The Yeshiva Boys Choir - Composed & Arranged By Eli Gerstner)                             
        4.     Birkat Hamazon (Piamenta)                             
        5.     Yachad (Shlomo Simcha - Composed By Shlomo Carlebach)                             
        6.     Habet (Shlomo Simcha & Rivie Schwebel - Composed By Abie Rotenberg)                             
        7.     Rabos Machshovos (The Rabbis Sons - Composed By Rabbi Baruch Chait)                             
        8.     Hallelu (The Rabbis Sons - Composed By Rabbi Baruch Chait)                             
        9.     Mi Haish (The Rabbis Sons - Composed By Rabbi Baruch Chait)                             
        10.     Hoysa (The Rabbis Sons - Composed By Rabbi Baruch Chait)                             
        11.     Yehi Chasdecha Hashem (The Rabbis Sons - Composed By Rabbi Baruch Chait)                             
        12.     Ashreinu (Srully Williger - Composed By Rabbi Shmuel Brazil)                             
        13.     Es Tzemach Dovid (Srully Williger & Rabbi Boruch Levine - Composed By Rabbi Boruch Levine)                             
        14.     Abi Me'leibt (Lipa Schmeltzer - Adapted Song Lyrics Composed By Lipa Shmeltzer)                             
        15.     Adetanya (Ohad Moskowitz, Shlomo Simcha & Yossi Green - Composed By Yossi Green)                             
        16.     Chop Em Down (Matisyahu - Composed By Matisyahu)                             
        17.     Warrior (Matisyahu - Composed By Matisyahu)                             
        18.     King Without His Crown (Matisyahu - Composed By Matisyahu)                             
        19.     18 Year Tribute To Performers (Srully Williger)                             
        20.     Ben Bag Bag (Yaakov Shwekey - Composed By Pinchus Weber)     Hit!                       
        21.     Mama Rochel (Yaakov Shwekey - Composed By Abie Rotenberg)                             
        22.     Ki Hatov (Yaakov Shwekey - Composed By Yossi Green)                             
        23.     Racheim (Yaakov Shwekey - Composed By Pinchus Weber)                             
        24.     Ribono Shel Olam (Yaakov Shwekey - Composed By Mona Rosenblum)                             
        25.     Keep The Flame Burning Bright (All Performers - Composed By Yossi Green, Lyrics By Larry Gates)   

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DVD Type Live people
Ships Free? Eligible for Free Shipping
List Price $24.99
Concerts Hasc - A Time for Music
Genre Concert
Language Hebrew & English

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