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Meshorarim Choir CD 4

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Meshorarim Choir CD 4

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Meshorarim Choir CD 4Meshorarim Choir CD 4
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The Meshorerim Choir is back with the fourth installment of their Meshorerim Classic series just in time for Sefira. Meshorerim Classic Vol 4 includes twenty carefully chosen songs and heart stopping beautiful harmonies featuring the members of the Meshorerim choir, Moishy Kraus and the MK Boys Choir as well as a special Kumzits featuring Duddy Knopfler. Produced by Chaim Blumenfeld and arranged by Moishy Kraus, the album features a gorgeous array of current music as well as timeless classics, carefully chosen from the works of Isaac Honig, Tzali Gold Avraham Fried, Shlomo Carlebach, Lipa Schmeltzer, Baruch Levine, Dudi Kalish and even a vocal version of the hit song from Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz “El Hana’ar Hazeh” and Eli Beer’s “Ve’yiyu Rachamecho.”

Track Listing:

1. Ata Horaisa Ladaas         

2. Shaarei Demaos         

3. KiRacheim         

4. Elokim al Dami Lach         

5. Umacha Hashem Dimah         

6. Shir Hamaalos         

7. Keili Lama         

8. Ata Kidashta         

9. Uvirtzoncha         

10. El Hanaar Hazeh         

11. Kesser         

12. Misratzeh         

13. Vehaya Beachris Hayamim         

14. Ushmor Tzeiseinu         

15. Vechol Me Sheoskim         

16. Veyehu Rachameinu         

17. Aneinu         

18. Nishmas         

19. Eishes Chayil        

 20. KishehaMoshiach Magia














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List Price $15.99
Artist Meshorarim Choir
Genre Acapella
Language Hebrew

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