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Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage

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Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage

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A Unique Encyclopedic Presentation with Illustrations, Charts, Vignettes and Tables

In an age characterized by an unprecedented quest for the knowledge and roots of Judaism, the appearance of "The Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage" at this time is of singular significance. Uniquely organized and graphically presented, it is distinguished by a profusion of excellent charts, illustrations, tables and diagrams which enrich and highlight the text and provide the reader at once with historical perspective and illuminating knowledge. The attached MasterChart, which includes the Biblical as well as the Talmudic, Medieval, and later periods, is a magnificent presentation of Israel's spiritual treasure over millennia, which has kept the Jewish people alive till our times. Dr. Isidore Margolis writes that "the MasterChart that greets the reader as he opens the book unrolls before him the panorama of Jewish history and Written and Oral Law, including the many famous commentaries expounding the Law and the religious and philosophical tracts derived from it. "Gliding swiftly in kaleidoscopic succession before our eyes, there leaps to life the courtly array of the 15 judges, the historic pageantry of the 43 Kings of Judah and Israel, the gallery of the 48 Prophets and 7 Prophetesses, the procession of the 25 High Priests, the cavalcade of events, the series of brief biographies and summaries, hundreds of vignettes, highly informative genealogical, chronological and synchronically tables, all of which together compose the rich tapestry of Jewish history. The book delineates the Biblical Period, exhibiting in visual form and in abbreviated survey, the cumulative wisdom of the entire Age. Conceived and executed as a work of high scholarship and the product of the dedicated efforts of many distinguished professors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University of Ramat Gan, this book, which illumines the entire spectrum of Jewish knowledge, history and literature, is valuable not only to students but also to the general reader, eager to learn about the great heritage of the Jewish people. The intriguing format and the graphic approach as well as the quality, contents and scope of this incomparable work have elicited inspired praise throughout the world. In the words of Pulitzer Prize winning author, Herman Wouk, "In the field of Jewish education your atlas of our literature is the most imaginative and promising undertaking I know. Jewish literature is so broad, the time spread so enormous, that I have always considered it impossible to present the subject in a clear and full way. You have achieved the impossible. Beyond the immense scholarship you have done, there are two main excellencies in your work: the new form of pictorial presentation, and your unusual ability to summarize." Professor Alvin Johnson, President of the New School for Social Research, New York, cited the work in the following terms, "It is my opinion that the Graphic History will be of great importance to the civilized world." After the publication of the first edition, more then fifty laudatory statements were received praising the value of the novel graphic-visual method for the contemporary student of Bible and Jewish history. Likewise, seventy enthusiastic reviews appeared in various magazines, journals and dailies in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, written by renowned writers, scholars, rabbis, and educators. Above all as one threads through the vivid pages of this work, one senses and appreciates that here is a creatively coordinated body of vast knowledge culled from the Jewish classic sources.
by Pinchas Wollman-Tsamir

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List Price $37.99
Author Pinchas Wollman Tsamir
ISBN 0-928-220-04-4
Publisher Israel Bookshop

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