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Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith Gutnick Edition Principles 8 & 9 The Torah

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Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith Gutnick Edition Principles 8 & 9 The Torah

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Finally, an accessible guide to the Thirteen Principles of Faith.

Every day we recite Rambam?s Thirteen Principles of Faith, but how many of us can claim to have a thorough understanding of them?

Here, for the first time is a stimulating, user-friendly study guide to the Thirteen Principles, drawing from over 100 classic texts such as Talmud, Midrash, Jewish Philosophy, Halachic codes and the works of Kabbalah and Chasidus (with special emphasis on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe).

This introductory volume addresses our belief in the Torah (Principles 8 & 9), including:

   Proof that the Torah was given at Sinai.
   How all future innovations were given to Moshe at Sinai.
   The accuracy of the Oral Tradition.
   Why are there so many Rabbinic disputes?
   How contradictory truths can co-exist.
   How halachah, the will of G-d, can be fathomed by human beings.
   Why the Torah will never be replaced.
   Changes to the Torah in the Messianic Era.
   How to resolve contradictions between science and Torah.

Encyclopedic in scope and yet engaging and enjoyable to read, this handsome, 446 page volume is packed with profound insights and is peppered with stories, anecdotes and advice for practical living. Through the erudition and fluency of Rabbi Chaim Miller, compiler of the popular Gutnick Chumash, these teachings have been anthologized into a series of 28 lessons which are remarkable in their orderly sophistication and lucidity.

Ideal for:
   Anyone seeking an intelligent introduction to Jewish thought.
   Educators preparing classes.
   Teachers requiring core knowledge for a school curriculum.
   Those who wish to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of fundamental principles of Judaism.

An indispensable resource for the layman and the scholar!

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Publisher Kol Menachem

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