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Rigshei Halev CD Kol Tefiloson

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Rigshei Halev CD Kol Tefiloson

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Rigshei Halev CD Kol Tefiloson

The name of the series is RIGSHEI HALEV. Which means feeling of the heart.

The aim of this series is to arouse the holy feeling of the jewish heart. To bring jewish people all over world to serve their creator with genuine happiness, and with more love. To bring out feeling’s of warmth and closeness to Hashem.

About the singers: Both singers Yechiel Fligman & Avrumi Jacobs are primarily occupied with teaching torah to Jewish children in Lakewood. On the side they also are mesameach chassanim & kallahs by singing at chasunahs with unusual warmth and sweetness and lebedikeit. They uplift fellow Jews at other event’s as well.


Track listing:

1. Torah Hashem Temimah

2. Kol Tefiloson

3. Eliyahu Hanavi

4. Shalom Aleichem

5. Torah Tzivah

6. R'ei Nah

7. V'somachta B'chagecha

8. Zechu Shechina

9. Yibaneh Hamikdash

10. V'shomru B'eni Yisrael

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