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Shalsheles Vol 6. CD Connections

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Shalsheles Vol 6. CD Connections

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Shalsheles Vol 6. CD Connections

The time has come for the next link in the chain that is the musical legacy of Shalsheles. Featuring songs which are both unique and dynamic, heartfelt and thrilling, all composed by the huge talent that is Yitzchok Rosenthal, Shalsheles returns to your music outlets with their newest gem, Shalsheles: Connections. If you were asked to pair your favorite JM artist with the Shalsheles genre, you would definitely not pick a lot of the artists who collaborated on this album. And that is just a small part of what makes this momentous album so special. Can you say Shalsheles and Israeli singing sensation Itzik Dadya? How about Shalsheles and Shlomo Katz? Well, whether you can or can’t, you all will now be able to experience the end result. Featuring refreshing collaborations with names like Shloime Gertner, the Maccabeats, Israel’s rising child prodigy Ilai Avidani, world renown singer and composer, Yishai Lapidot, Ari Goldwag, Dudi Kalish & the Yedidim Choir and of course A.K.A. Pella. Sure you will have a few stand alone tracks with the group you fell in love with and have grown up with, however on “Connections” each song is infused with creative stylings to match that particular guest so it just feels like it was tailor made. Arrangements on the album were created by Dudi Kalish, Twostone (a duo from Israel), Yoely Dickman, Aryeh Kunstler and Ruli Ezrachi.

Track Listing:

        1.     Sameach                            
        2.     Anim Zemirot (Feat. Ilai Avidani)                            
        3.     Hiney Keil (Feat. Shlomo Katz)                            
        4.     Somachti (Feat. Yishai Lapidot and Ari Goldwag)                            
        5.     Yaaleh (Feat. Itzik Dadya)                            
        6.     Halellukah                            
        7.     Lemaan (Feat. The Maccabeats)                            
        8.     Niggun Shalsheles (Feat. Dudi Kalish)                            
        9.     Aishes Chayil (Feat. Shloime Gertner)                            
        10.     Hiney Ma Tov (Feat. Aka Pella)                            
        11.     Yesimcha                            
        12.     Lemaan (Accapella)

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List Price $15.99
Genre Jewish Pop
Popular Groups/ Choirs Shalsheles/ Shalsheles Jr.
Language Hebrew, English

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