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Shlomo Carlebach CD Sing My Heart "Borchi Nafshi"

Author:  Shlomo Carlebach

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Shlomo Carlebach CD Sing My Heart "Borchi Nafshi"

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Shlomo Carlebach CD Sing My Heart "Borchi Nafshi"

Released in 2004. Released originally in 1961. From Shlomo Carlebach: This, my second record, is dedicated to the people who sing my songs; to the people I have met through my music, with a glance, with a handshake, with a sigh, with a smile, with a wish, with a song: to the people I have never met...and long to meet. To you, young people, boys and girls who are so near to me. Your striving is my striving. Your struggle is my struggle. Together let us find the way to the Ribbono Shel Olam, our Father in Heaven, to study His Torah, to keep his commandments and above all, to be his friends. As for me, let it be my privilege to sing His Praise. Borchi Nafshi es Hashem. Sing My Heart.

Track Listing:

        1.     Re'ei Na                             
        2.     Borchi Nafshi                             
        3.     Hashmi'ini                             
        4.     Kevakoras                             
        5.     Kechu Imochem                             
        6.     Moron Divishmayo                             
        7.     Kol Penu Elai                             
        8.     Becha Botchu                             
        9.     Simcha Le'artzecha                             
        10.     Im Omarti                             
        11.     Leolam Lo Eshkach Pikudecha                             
        12.     Vechulom Mekablim

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List Price $15.99
Author Shlomo Carlebach
Genre Carlebach
Popular Artists Shlomo Carlebach
Language Hebrew, English

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