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Tantz Purim

Author:  L'Chaim

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Tantz Purim

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Tantz Purim

Yes, it is that time of year again. Finally.
Purim is already in the air. And there is no better way to celebrate it than through music. Welcome to “Tantz Purim, Enhanced Edition.”
It has been only two years since renowned Lakewood musician Pinchos Doppelt released the original “Tantz Purim” CD, but the album has already become a major hit. For this year, it has received a major boost.
The enhanced Edition of Tantz Purim adds various songs to the original CD’s large Purim selection and greatly enhances the selections that are featured in both editions. The new CD is filled with solos by Pinchos and his fellow vocalists, as well as a beautiful adult choir. The music is rich and tasteful, and includes percussions and clarinet effects. Songs range from timeless classics, to original, never-before-heard tunes.
Most of all, the CD captures all of the emotions that we feel on Purim. The opening “L’Chaim” cheer welcomes the many lebedige selections that will drive you to leave your chair and…tantz. All this movement, however, doesn’t preclude the warm spiritual feelings of the Yom Tov. There are several slow, heartwarming selections that are sure to inspire. The special Purim kumzitz is a classic that has gotten even better.

Track Listing:

        1.     Chayav Enosh                             
        2.     Venahapoch                             
        3.     Utzu Eitzah                             
        4.     Vayehi Biymei                             
        5.     Nigun Stolin A                             
        6.     Layehudim                             
        7.     Tshu'asam                             
        8.     Nigun Purim Stolin                             
        9.     Venahapoch Hu                             
        10.     Ish Yehudi                             
        11.     Meshenichnas Adar                             
        12.     Shoshanas Yaakov A                             
        13.     Hakol Yoducha                             
        14.     Layehudim Shenker                             
        15.     Nigun Purim Viznitz                             
        16.     Layehudim Classic                             
        17.     Lamir Aleh                             
        18.     Ribono Shel Olam                             
        19.     Shoshanas Yaakov                             
        20.     Utzu Eitza                             
        21.     Layehudim                             
        22.     Nigun Stolin B                             
        23.     Ach Tov V'Chesed                             
        24.     Shoshanas Yaakov B                             
        25.     Layehudim                             
        26.     Revach Revach                             
        27.     Shoshanas Yaakov                             
        28.     Layehudim                             
        29.     Vegam Charvonah                             
        30.     Rachok Me'yeshuasi                             
        31.     Keili Keili                             
        32.     Vatosef Esther                             
        33.     Shoshanas Yaakov

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Author L'Chaim
Genre Purim
Language Hebrew

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