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Tefillin and Mezuzos A Pictorial Guide [Hardcover]

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Tefillin and Mezuzos A Pictorial Guide

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Tefillin and Mezuzos A Pictorial Guide [Hardcover]

A sofer shows you how to
choose, maintain and understand your
tefillin, mezuzah and Torah scrolls

Yerachmiel Askotzky

The tefillin a Jewish male binds upon his arm and forehead and the mezuzos that grace the doorways of every Jewish home are among the most important - and the most beloved - ritual objects in Jewish life. Yet though we may be canny consumers who wouldn't dream of buying a car without checking auto guides or comparing prices and quality when purchasing a new computer, how many of us show the same concern when choosing our tefillin and mezuzos?

When we're shopping for a new Torah, tefillin, mezuzah or megillah, what should we be looking for? What do we ask? What do we insist on? How do we choose a reliable source?

Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky, an experienced sofer, gives us the answer to these and many other vital questions in this profusely illustrated resource guide. How has modern technology been utilized to improve the kashrus of our Torahs, tefillin and mezuzos and why after 2000 years of living without it do we consider its use as essential? Is it safe to buy mezuzos and tefillin on-line? What is the significance of the different styles of handwriting used for tefillin and mezuzos? How do we maintain our Torahs and tefillin so that they are not damaged over time?

Rabbi Askotzky also gives us a practical outline of the laws of tefillin and mezuzos. Must the entire top surface of the tefillin straps be black in order for the tefillin to be kosher? Do tefillin ever have to be checked? Why does a left-handed person need special tefillin, and what does he do if there are no "lefty" tefillin available? Does a closet or an elevator require a mezuzah? Can a mezuzah be affixed with tape? What do we do if a mezuzah falls on the floor on shabbos?

Tefillin and Mezuzos is the essential guide for the bar mitzvah boy awkwardly winding the straps around his arm for the first time, for the Jewish man who has been donning his tefillin for decades, for the scholar who demands the most stringent standards and for the rabbi and educator, who teach this subject matter and who provide counsel for those in the market for tefillin and mezuzos and for their proper use and maintenance — a one-of-a-kind treasure that will immeasurably enhance our awareness of the laws and practical issues of Torahs, tefillin and mezuzos.

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