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Touring Yerushalayim with Pesach Levy - Volume 3 - DVD

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One of Israel's leading tour guides brings Tanach alive in this picturesque tour of the Holy City

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Touring Yerushalayim with Pesach Levy - Volume 3 - DVD

Pesach Levy, a veteran tour guide for over 35 years, brings Tanach alive and gives you a front row seat tour of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City in this picturesque, emotional, inspiring and educational video. (Color, 60 minutes in English)

Track Listing

1    Kever Dovid Hamelech      

2    Har Tzion      

3    Shar Tzion      

4    Ir Elyonah      

5    Ir Hachitona      

6    Chomat Dromi      

7    Emek Hamelech      

8    Tur Malkah      

9    Nachlat Shivah      

10    Kever Toldah Hanavi      

11    Meah Shearim      

12    Batei Machsah      

13    Sefardishe Merkaz      

14    Yeshivat Hamekubalim      

15    Bet Hakneset Ramban      

16    Bet Hakneset Hachorevah      

17    Bet Hakneset Tiferes Yisroel      

18    Bet Hakneset Tzemach Tzedek      

19    Chomat Nechemiah      

20    Kardo      

21    Shar Shechem      

22    Shar Perachim      

23    Meorat Tzidkiyahu      

24    Chatzer Hametara      

25    Kivrei Melachim      

26    Sanhedriah      

27    Har Hamenuchot      

28    Yeshivot

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DVD Type Live people
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List Price $25.99
Genre Israeli
Language English

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