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Voices For Israel CD Featuring Avraham Fried, Diaspora, Blue Fringe, Lenny Solomon, Lev Tahor, Chevra, Yehuda And More- 2 CDs

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Voices For Israel CD Featuring Avraham Fried, Diaspora, Blue Fringe, Lenny Solomon, Lev Tahor, Chevra, Yehuda And More- 2 CDs

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Voices For Israel, a non-profit organization which benefits survivors of terrorism and war in Israel, presents an historic 2-CD compilation of 35 songs, in English and Hebrew, relating to Israel, Jewish unity and the enduring hope for peace. The CD set also includes an uplifting music video - put the CD in your computer and watch! Also included is an informative 20-page booklet packed with full color photos of Israel. Profits benefit victims of terror in Israel. The Voices For Israel title track is the brand new all-star solidarity song, "Chazak Amenu - We Stand As One." Recorded by dozens of today's popular Jewish Music artists (see list on Artists page), this rousing English/Hebrew anthem and the accompanying music video remind us why we love and support Israel. The performers have all donated their time and their songs, an outstanding mix of classic favorites, as well as debut tracks that are sure to become classics. All of the songs center on the themes of Voices For Israel - solidarity, unity, hope and peace. One highlight is "Shir Lismoach (Malki's Song)," written by 15 year old Malki Roth, just months before she was killed in the Jerusalem Sbarro restaurant terrorist bombing. The song was recorded specifically for Voices For Israel by a duo of American superstar Yehuda! and Yishai Lapidot, Malki's favorite Jewish star in Israel. Voices For Israel was conceived and produced by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, a producer of pioneering Jewish vocal groups such as Beat'achon and Kol Zimra. Yehuda!, the internationally renowned Jewish Music recording artist, served as Musical Director, overseeing the vocal and musical arrangements as well as the overall technical production. Includes a very moving and inspiring bonus video clip of the title track Chazak Amenu: We Stand As One.

Track Listing

1 CD #1: Chazak Amenu - We Stand As One (Voices For Israel) Sample Audio & Video Clip Play Windows Media

2 In Israel (Sam Glaser)  

3 Im Eshkachech (Lev Tahor) Play Windows Media

4 Yihyey Shalom (Rick Recht)  

5 Ki Malachav (The Chevra) Play Windows Media

6 City of Gold (Blue Fringe)  

7 Al Tirah (Shloime Dachs) Play Windows Media

8 Oseh Shalom (Reva L'Sheva)  

9 Stop (The Moshav Band) Play Windows Media

10 Hashkifa (Kol Achai)  

11 Yerushalayim 5763 (Beatachon)  

12 Power To Be - Hakoach Lihyot (David Ross)  

13 Im Tirtzu (Dan Nichols & Eighteen)  

14 B'shem Hashem (Dudu Fisher)  

15 Jerusalem is Mine (Kenny Karen)  

16 Shir Lismoach - Malki's Song (Yehuda! & Yishay Lapidot)  

17 CD #2: We Stand As One - A Cappella (Sean Altman & Kol Zimra)  

18 Umacha (Yehuda!)  

19 Jerusalem Is Calling (Avraham Rosenblum & Diaspora)  

20 Tishan Yeled (Sandy Shmuely)  

21 Yerushalayim (Avraham Fried)  

22 V'ahavta Lereyacha (Ma Tovu)  

23 Yerushalayim (Journeys)  

24 Nachamu Ami (Safam)  

25 Achenu (Kol Zimra & Friends)  

26 I Remember You (Joe Black)  

27 L'ma'an Yerushalayim (Ira Heller)  

28 Halomed (Kol B'seder)  

29 Av Harachamim (Eli Gerstner)  

30 Sim Shalom (Paul Zim)  

31 When We Were Young (Yom Hadash)  

32 Prayer For A Leader (Shlock Rock)  

33 Tifillah L'Sholom (Shoresh)  

34 Hatikvah (Beatachon)  

35 Chazak Amenu - We Stand as One - Unplugged (C Lanzbom)  

Additional Information

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List Price $24.99
Genre Concert
Popular Artists Dudu Fisher, Yehuda!, Shloime Dachs, Paul Zim, C. Lanzbom, Eli Gerstner, Avraham Fried
Popular Groups/ Choirs Journeys, Lev Tahor, Shlock Rock, Moshav, Chevra, Blue Fringe, Diaspora Yeshiva Band
Language Hebrew & English

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