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Mona Rosenblum CD A Groise Chasuna- Wedding Songs

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Mona Rosenblum CD A Groise Chasuna- Wedding Songs

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Mona Rosenblum CD A Groise Chasuna- Wedding Songs

MONA ROSENBLUM  Die Groise Chasuneh
This chassidishe wedding album speaks for itself. The best Chassidic singers of our time, combined with some very special chassidishe niggunim that were handpicked by Mona & the famous badchen, R’ Moshe Tzvi Weintraub. Here are Mona’s comments:
Mona Rosenblum: I must say that I am full of trepidation approaching this new album. It has been some time since I have last produced such an album. Let me explain the uniqueness evident in this album. Firstly, this disc is only kodesh, and we approached it with such a feeling as well. Most of the niggunim and zemiros that are on this album, have been ‘adopted’ so to say by many tzaddikim and Rebbes, and were sung by them at the chasunos of their children or during the Mitzvah Tantz. In this album, we have niggunim of old stock, some even over one-hundred-fifty years old.
Secondly, the atmosphere. The atmosphere of a Yiddishe chasunah is strongly felt throughout the album. The kind of contagious simchah, without limitations, that leaves no-one indifferent.
Thirdly, the instruments. Aptly different than my previous albums, I changed the style of arrangements a little. In Der Groiser Chasunah” I placed the emphasis more on live instruments, like the violin, clarinet, accordion, flute and more. This gives it more of a live feel, and the old-time mark.
Featuring R’ Ben Zion Shenker, R’ Yerimy Damen, Michoel Schnitzler, Isaac Honig & the wonderboys Meir Lichtenshtater & Aharon Halevi…

Track Listing:

        1.     Bagleiten                             
        2.     Nor Mit Simcha                             
        3.     Boruch Haba                             
        4.     Mi Adir Al Hakol                             
        5.     Mi Von Siach                             
        6.     Uvchen Tzadikim                             
        7.     Lecha Rabeinu                             
        8.     Bobov Mitzva Tantz                             
        9.     Sol A Kokosh Mar                             
        10.     Rikud Modzitz                             
        11.     Birkas Habayis                             
        12.     Rikud Lublin                             
        13.     Chusid                             
        14.     Yehi Hashuvia Haboo                             
        15.     Ani Maamin

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