Alexandra [DVD] For Women & Girls Only

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A New Original Musical Drama by Women for Women

Designed and produced for Bnot Chaya Academy (BCA), the Carol Tepler High School for Girls, Alexandra is a live musical drama of Broadway caliber featuring a world-class cast, breathtaking effects, and a powerful inspirational message.
Showcased in Alexandra are some of the frum world’s most celebrated female artists: 

Malky Giniger

Zviah Bitman

Miriam Leah Droz-Gamliel

Tova Lew-Kahn

Hannah Stern

Maayan Davis

Chanala Fleisher

Cindy Rand 

and many more.

These professionally-trained superstars—accompanied by dozens of other gifted women and girls from the community who’ve embraced the opportunity to express their creative sides—perform in brilliant appearances, their astounding theatric, choreographic and vocal talents magnified by the production’s flawless technical standards. 

Alexandra fills a gaping void. Masterfully brought to life in an intricate, nuanced plot of shattered dreams and newfound hope, it gives frum audiences a rare chance to enjoy quality entertainment with a message that reflects their values. It is an exquisite blend of professional and inspirational.
But what sets this play apart is not just its superlative stagecraft, or the outstanding splash of talent it’s brought together. All proceeds from Alexandra will benefit BCA, a unique therapeutic high school that combines rehabilitative support with a stellar academic program, molding confident, capable students committed to a traditional Torah lifestyle. 
Stunning in scope and professionalism, Alexandra merges the best of Broadway with authentic Torah messages. A transformative production that has definitively raised the bar of frum showmanship, 

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