Anti-Jewish Phenomenon

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Anti-Jewish Phenomenon

Can anti-semitism be explained via logic and reason?
Why have Jews been the target of such great dislike?
What is the historical significance of hatred towards the Jewish nation, and is there a relationship between this social malady and peace on earth for all peoples?
Have not Jews, throughout history, benefited the non-Jewish nations in areas as diverse as the arts, sciences, commerce and politics?
Why then were Gentile leaders so compelled to uproot the Jewish presence?
How much more so, since Judaism itself demands tolerance, civil obedience and even prayer for the ruling government, irrespective of time and place.
And is there some empirically proven response to counteract this tragic historical dilemma?

Based on many years of research and teaching, Rabbi Allswang demonstrates that clear and optimistic answers to the above questions do, in fact, exist. Through thorough historical and scientific investigation, he adeptly demonstrates that by a return to Jewish tradition true security, prosperity and the promise of extended peace can, in reality, be achieved.
This highly acclaimed book is an invaluable resource for all students of Jewish history, anti-Semitism and Judaism in general, and promises to be an exciting and unique educational experience.
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AuthorBenzion Allswang
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