Between The Lines - Secrets of the Torah Codes

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Between The Lines - Secrets of the Torah Codes

Come journey into the past, touch the present and peek into the future as the codes revealed in this book help analyze pertinent subjects and confirm the wisdom of our great sages.

Utilizing a modified Torah codes method that uses equidistant spaces between letter at levels of 100 or less, forwards or backwards directions only, the words are pertinent to the Torah verses they are coded in and relate to other words which overlap with them. Finally, the words and pertinent Torah verses must be rooted in a Torah concept. Visual illustrations of Torah Codes are given in charts and Hebrew text.

Topics cover Jewish Unity, Jewish Survival, Exile and Illicit Conduct, Arrogance, Life on Other Planets, Rabin and Amir, The Secret of Peace, Wealth and more.(156 Pages)
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Author Joel Gallis
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