Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Name [Hardcover]

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Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Name [Hardcover]

This dictionary contains modern English and Hebrew names together with an analysis of their meanings and origins. Included among the more than 11,000 main entries are a large number of biblical names that are suitable for use today, plus practically every Hebrew first name in use in Israel today. These biblical and modern Hebrew names have been transliterated into English, and for those who can read Hebrew and are eager to know the correct Hebrew spelling and exact pronunciation of these names, the Hebrew script is provided immediately following each main entry. Since there are many who, after choosing an English name for a child, would like to select a Hebrew name with the same meaning, a Hebrew Name Vocabulary is included in a separate section following the masculine and feminine main entries. In this section one can find transliterated Hebrew (and Yiddish) names grouped according to meaning. Thus, for example, if one has selected Helen, meaning "light," as the English name for an offspring, by consulting the Vocabulary section, under the category "Light," a English name's basic meaning will be found. This dictionary is an indispensable guide for parents seeking a name for children, and a valuable reference book for students of nomenclature.
by Alfred J. Kolatch

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