Bircas Kohanim / The Priestly Blessings [Hardcover]

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Bircas Kohanim / The Priestly Blessings [Hardcover]

Only one vestige remains of the ancient Temple Service: on every festival in the Diaspora and every day in Israel, the descendants of the priestly tribe, the Kohanim, stand before their brethren and raise outstretched hands in blessing. Thirty-three centuries ago, Aaron, the first High Priest, bestowed his loving blessing upon Israel. The same formula, the same family, the same love, the same extended priestly hands - all these became eternal commandmnets, recalling the sacred solemnity of Israel's induction as the people chosen to carry the burden of holiness.

This book traces the history, laws, customs, and deeper meaning of the Priestly Blessings, as they are given in Scripture, expounded in the Talmud, and elucidated in thousands of years of Rabbinic literature. They consist of only three verses and fifteen words, but in them are distilled the Creator's fondest wishes for His children - for of all the eloquent and meaningful passages of the Torah, only these were chosen to convey His daily blessings.

What qualified Aaron to become the priest and bequeath his legacy of love for all time? What is the legal basis for the priestly rite? What is the significance of the blessings? Why is a prayer for help from troublesome dreeams connected to this?

These and many more questions are answered in this slim volume - with elegance, clarity, and authenticity.

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