The Observant Jew [Hardcover]

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A refreshing new look at the world

Did you ever notice…? Jonathan Gewirtz most likely did and in his syndicated weekly column, "The Observant Jew," he combines humor and inspiration into a new, unique genre that is at once both entertaining and uplifting. Offering a Torah perspective on everyday occurrences and a positive, optimistic outlook on life, these words touch the heart and soul of readers around the world.

This book is a collection of some of his most-popular articles, and these bite-size morsels are perfect light reading whether you need some down time or a quick pick-me-up. Advocating fun with a purpose, you will laugh, enjoy, and find your eyes opened to new vistas and ways to view your daily experiences. You’ll begin to see things in a new light and notice things that used to pass you right by. Who knows? This book may just make you a more “observant” Jew.

I've been reading Rabbi Gewirtz’s “Observant Jew” column for years now and I marvel at how he consistently finds profound life-lessons in seemingly everyday activities. His sense of humor and wit will keep you laughing. You may not even realize how much you have gained until you put it down. This is a must read. 
~Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier
~The Shmuz

This collection will enrich your life and help give it direction. Enjoy it as much as Jonathan does in conveying its message.
~Rabbi Yosef Viener
~Rav, Kehilas Shaar HaShomayim, Wesley Hills, NY

Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz is the Optician of the Spiritual Realms. His poignant and touching wit outfit us with the eye-wear we need to view “the everyday of our lives” through the lenses of Torah thought. Written for the layman with the profundity of a scholar, he empowers each and every one of us to truly be “The Observant Jew” that G-d wants us to be. 
~Rabbi Dovid Winiarz
~President – Survival Through Education, “The Facebukker Rebbe”

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