Shlomo Carlebach CD Wake Up World

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Carlebach CD Wake Up World

Forty-five years after its initial release, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach s classic recording Wake Up World! is being re-released by New York City-based Sojourn Records. Unavailable except in its original vinyl format, Wake Up World! is now restored and re-mastered by Sojourn co- founder Mark Ambrosino, giving new life to one of Carlebach s early masterpieces. Featuring orchestration by Milton Okun, Wake Up World! is a beautiful and rich depiction of Carlebach s timeless song-writing and his spiritual vision. Carlebach, best known as the singing Rabbi and the Father of Modern Jewish Music, reached wide acclaim in the sixties and seventies through his constant touring and performing and his stirring compositions and charismatic storytelling. Initially his guitar and vocals were used only as a vehicle to help him reach out to the community as a young Rabbi. Eventually however, the self-taught musician penned over 5000 songs and sold millions of records. His songs are now sung in religious services worldwide as well as at weddings and other cultural events. Sojourn, with the exclusive license from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach s estate, has worked closely with Rabbi Carlebach s daughter, Neshama Carlebach to reclaim and promote Shlomo s multitude of recordings and live performances. Sojourn and the Carlebach family take great pleasure in offering this momentous recording to another generation of Carlebach followers and fans worldwide.

Track Listing:

        1.     Shifchi Kamayim (Pour Out Your Heart)                            
        2.     Mimkomo (Lord, Where Are You?)                            
        3.     Gevalt (Wake Up)                            
        4.     Odeh Hashem (With All My Heart)                            
        5.     L'Cho Ezbach (In Jerusalem)                            
        6.     Ki Besimchoh (Let Joy Lead You)                            
        7.     Vsim Chelkainu (Until)                            
        8.     Hiney (The Lord Awakens You)                            
        9.     Eloko (G-d of Glory)                            
        10.     Sh'Beshiflenu ( If I Fall)                            
        11.     L'shanah Habah (Next Year in Jerusalem)

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