Diamonds from the Dubno Maggid [Hardcover]

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Parables on the Weekly Parshah

A groundbreaking compilation of remarkable parables from Harav Yaakov Kranz, the Dubno Maggid, written in clear, flowing language and conveniently arranged according to the weekly parshah. 

This sefer is equally suited for men, women, and teens — an inspiring read for all. 

Step back in time to the shtetl of the water carrier, the prince, the wagon driver, the rich man and the poor beggar, the tavern proprietor and the wily thief. Learn from each one of these endearing characters. Enjoy the masterful mashal and gain wisdom from the nimshal. 

Words that will enter your heart… 

By: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein 
(Author of The Haggadah Experience, The Halachos of Ma’aser Kesafim, and dozens of Hebrew seforim.)
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Format Hardcover
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Author Rabbi Yisrael Yosef Bronstein
ISBN 978-1-60091-328-0
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Publisher Israel Bookshop
Language English
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