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Dorash Dovid: Moadim 2 Volume Set (English)

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Dorash Dovid: Moadim 2 Volume Set (English)

What is the purpose of the obligation for every Jew to view himself as if he personally left Mitzrayim?

Is the Korban Pesach an individual offering or a communal one?

Why is the declaration, Next year in Yerushalayim, part of the Seder night?

In this unique work, Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Nasi of the internationally acclaimed Dirshu Torah organization, addresses these questions and so many others. Deep insights into the moadim of Pesach and Shavuos; as well as Sefiras Ha omer, the Three Weeks, Tishah B Av, Rosh Chodesh and the weekly holiday of Shabbos are analyzed. Every maamar in Dorash Dovid begins with several questions, then develops an in-depth approach, opening new vistas that enable one to truly grasp the messages that the Torah and our Sages impart.

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Product NameDorash Dovid: Moadim 2 Volume Set (English)
Minimum Advertised Price$26.99
AuthorRabbi Dovid Hofstedter
PublisherIsrael Bookshop
Hebrew Publisher ISRAEL BOOK SHOP
ISBN 1078-1-60091-241-2
Dimensions7" x 10"
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