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Am Yisrael Chai


The last few months have certainly been a whirlwind for the British performer, Eitan Freilich. Between performing and singing at various events in the United Kingdom, Eitan flew back and forth to the States to work on his debut album brought to you by the industry’s finest producer, Avi Newmark. Eitan is a talented, charismatic and versatile singer, popular for bringing his unique energy and personal touch to each performance. 
The album was arranged by Ian Freitor and Avremi G with compositions from established and new composers alike, such as Yitzy Waldner, Ari Goldwag, Elimelech Blumstein, Eli Shwarb, Avi Kula and Zevi Kaufman. 
Why purchase this album? “It’s a total package”, says Avi Newmark. “There is something here for everyone, and Eitan delivers right on point.”

Track Listing:

1 - Ko Amar (3:53)

 2 - Etz Chayim (4:23)
3 - Usegaleh (4:04)
4 - Hamalach (4:01)
5 - Am Yisrael Chai (4:07)
6 - Eliyahu (4:01)
7 - Halayla (4:10)
8 - Vehayu Limshisa (5:08)
9 - Mimizrach Shemesh (4:48)









10 - Ma'ariv Arovim (5:07)

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ArtistEitan Freilich
GenreJewish Pop
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