Eitan Katz : Lemancha - CD

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Eitan Katz : Lemancha - CD

Eitan has stunned crowds throughout Israel and America, with his incredible voice that touches hearts, and with his original master compositions that have been sung by himself and many others. Eitan's first CD, "Eilecha" was released in 2000 and his second CD," Biglal Avos" (produced together with his brother Shlomo Katz) is so popular, it is now in its 3rd reprint. The songs on his first solo CD, L'maancha (featured here), have spread like fire, inspiring young and old as one. He is a master guitarist and is flown all over America to perform at concerts, weddings and NCSY events. His slow ballads pierce your heart with their beauty and his upbeatnumbers get everyone immediately on their feet.

Open your hearts, and take in the beautiful music of Eitan Katz

Track Listing:

    1    Mizmor Shir           
    2    L'maancha           
    3    Kol Atzmosai           
    4    Kol B'rama           
    5    Kumi Roni           
    6    Eishes Chayil           
    7    Gam Ki Elech           
    8    Yom Shabboson           
    9    Adon Olam           
    10    Nigun

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