Entering The Covenant [Hardcover]

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An Anthology of Divrei Torah for Bris Milah and Pidyon Haben

Mazel tov! You’re going to a bris. It’s a happy event not only for the family and friends, but also for the entire Jewish people, becausethere is no greater symbol of Jewish continuity and eternity than to usher another child into the Covenant of Abraham. Our Sages teach that Jews have always celebrated circumcisions with special joy — and this bris will be no exception.

But you may have been asked to say “just a few words,” as if all you have to do is stand up and open your mouth and let the words flow.

But they won’t flow! At least, they won’t unless you have an idea you can flesh out. What can you say that the guests haven’t heard a hundred times? What can you say that will make ears perk up and listen, and make heads nod in approval? If only you could pick the brains of accomplished scholars and speakers and pick from the best! Now you can. This book has all you need.

Dr. Mandell I. Ganchrow, past president of the Orthodox Union, continues the public service that he began with his trailblazing Sason VeSimcha, for which he recruited scores of prominent rabbis and laymen to present their original Sheva Berachos messages. Deservedly popular and widely used, that volume elicited calls for the same sort of anthology of Bris Milah and Pidyon Haben messages. Dr. Ganchrow heard and responded. The table of contents reads like a who’s who of America’s best thinkers and speakers. Their contributions sparkle and stimulate, as they present their finest messages for Bris Milah and Pidyon Haben, for every week and occasion of the year.

Is this a book only for nervous speakers? Not at all. It is a treasury of ideas that teach and stimulate about faith and courage, about the Torah’s challenge to us all in every age. It is fascinating reading for everyone, because each contributor has his own style, his unique message, his personal perspective, and his own rich life experience. Read Entering the Covenant. Use it. Think about it. It will remain with you long after the event is over and long after you put it down.

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