Friends 4 ALS Concert - DVD

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by Eighth Day, Eitan Katz, Michoel Pruzansky

Now on DVD, the Friends 4 ALS Concert featuring 8th Day, Eitan Katz, Michoel Pruzansky and Shloimy Bluth. Hosted by Yaakov Radin

Track Listing:

8th Day:

1. To the Dance Floor Mazel Tov

2. All You Got

3. May You Be Blessed

4. Shabbos Now

Eitan Katz

5. Uv'nei Yerushalayim

6. Baruch Hu Elokeinu

7. Mizmor L'Dovid

8. Kumi Roni / Niggun

Michoel Pruzansky:

9. Kol Mak D'Ovid Rachmanah

10. Shteig In Di Torah

11. You're Watching Me

12. Al Hanissim, Zachreini Nah, Avodah Hashem, Im Lo Ya'Aleh

Shloimy Bluth

13. It Was A Time For New Beginnings

14. The SS Shabbos Queen


15  Shattered Glass

Michoel Pruzansky

16. Ani Oseh Mitzvah

17. Yerushalayim

18. Kol Yisroel Areivim

Eitan Katz:

19. Haneshoma Lach

8th Day

20. Cheery Bim

21. Ya'alili/ Finale

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