Hartzig With Shloime Daskal CD (Shades of Green 3)

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Yochi Briskman presents this 3rd volume of Yossi Green’s greatest hits, sung by Shloime Daskal accompanied by the Shira Choir.

Yochi Briskman presents, Hartzig with Shloime Daskal. This is the third volume of Shades of Green, following Shades of Green I, Hipsh and now this album. Featuring Yossi Green’s greatest hits, accompanied by the Shira Choir. That’s right all of the latest hits plus some golden oldies, in only the way that this dynamic duo can.

Track Listing:

1. Kanei

2. Yismechu

3. Tzur Mishelo

4. Mi She'oso

5. Elokai Neshama

6. Shomer Yisroel

7. Kodesh

8. Teka Beshofar

9. Min Hameitzar

10. Chukoiseho

11. Kadesh Es Shimecha

12. Ani Maamin

13. Ki Elokim

14. Hashivenu Avinu

15. Veharev Na

16. Ki Lo

17. Ohr Chodosh

18. Ve'oz Yihyu

19. Acheinu

20. Mi Yitain

21. Hashem Hashem

22. Nisht Gedaget

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