My Soft Seder Set

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My Soft Seder Set

• Now with convenient storage pocket!

• The K'arah (Seder Plate), the focal point of the Seder, contains 6 symbols:
1. Z'roah (shank bone): represents the Paschal lamb eaten on Passover during the era of the Great Temple.
2. Beitzah (egg): symbolizes the cycle of life. 
3. Charoset (a mixture of crushed fruit, nuts and wine): reminder of the mortar used in the building of the Pyramids.
5. Maror (bitter herb): symbolic of the bitterness of slavery in Egypt. 
6. Chazeret (lettuce): an additional bitter herb.

Includes 7 Soft Pieces: 
• 1 Soft Seder plate
• 1 Soft Egg
• 1 Soft Shank Bone
• 1 Soft Maror
• 1 Soft Apple for Charoset
• 1 Soft Potato for Karpas
• 1 Soft Lettuce for Chazeret

Soft seder plate measures 8.50" l x 8.50" w

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