Torah Dynamics [Hardcover]

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Torah Dynamics [Hardcover]

Pirkei Avot Looks at Life

The timeless wisdom of the Sages, expressed in the richness and brevity of Mishnaic language, has made Pirkei Avot a cherished part of our Jewish heritage. Its popularity throughout the ages is attested to by the wealth of commentaries it has generated. Here, the authors of "Torah Dynamics", a learned teacher and a family therapist, approach the traditional text in a novel and exciting way, demonstrating its relevance and application to the alienation, dissatisfaction, and search for meaningful values that characterize contemporary life and the times in which we live. Each chapter comprises a single timely topic which is thoroughly treated in light of all the pertinent references throughout Pirkei Avot, so that the words of our Sages bridge the generations and speak to us today. The wealth of parables, both ancient and modern, as well as the brief biographical entries on each Sage, enhance this relevant and enjoyable book.
by Samson Krupnick and Morris Mandel

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