Itzik Dadya CD

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Itzik Dadya CD

Well it’s finally here ladies and gentlemen. For the last few months we have bee bringing you NEW singles from the upcoming Itzik Dadya debut album entitled “Am Israel Chai”. We debuted Ani Nischaf, Betfila and most recently the title track Am Israel Chai. Dadya, who is being produced/managed by David Fadida of FDD Productions the man behind some of the biggest stars in Israel and across the globe (Ohad!, Yishai Lapidot, Yonatan Shainfeld, Kinderlach and of course violinist Daniel Ahaviel. The album features 10 track with a bonus 11th track being the song “Avinu Malkeinu” that was released this past aseres yemei tshuva which also featured the vocals of; Ohad!, Yishai Lapidot, Yonatan Shainfeld, Kinderlach. Though this album has a middle eastern flavor, it also however has a very modern sound and is sure to be sought after not just in Israel but in America too. 

Track Listing:

        1.     Am Yisroel Chai                             
        2.     Batifilah                             
        3.     Ani Nichsaf                             
        4.     Ima                             
        5.     Ma Naase                             
        6.     Elokim Shebashamayim                             
        7.     Shkiah                             
        8.     Shar Mibefnim                             
        9.     Malachim                             
        10.     Hakol Ze Mishamayim                             
        11.     Avinu Malkeinu

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Artist Itzik Dadya
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Language Hebrew
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