Living Emunah - Pocket-size [Paperback]

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Through the lens of Torah and true-life stories, discover what Emunah is and isn’t, and how to channel it to transform tension, panic and regret into power, joy and lightness.

Emunah. Believe it!

Think about living a life of no stress. No anxiety. No fear. Is it an impossible dream, an unreachable fantasy? Or... can it be achieved? And can YOU achieve it?

Our Sages' clear answer to these life-transforming questions is: Yes. You can live a life of tranquility, serenity and happiness, no matter what is happening around you.

What it takes is emunah, faith. Faith in Hashem and His goodness, belief that He cares for you, knows what is best for you and is completely involved in your life. If you believe that totally - you're on the path to emunah, the road that leads to real happiness.

Living Emunah is based on Rabbi David Ashear's "Daily Emunah" talks, which has transformed the lives of thousands of people. Through the classic lens of Torah thought as well as true-life stories we discover what emunah is and what it isn't, how to strengthen our faith, and how to bring it into our homes, offices, and lives. Each selection is short, readable, and infinitely wise.

As you make your way on the path to emunah be prepared to lose your baggage - the baggage of tension, panic, regrets and angst. You'll feel lighter as you leave your troubles behind, embarking with confidence and joy on the journey of a lifetime - on the path to emunah.

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