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Uncle Chaim DVD

<p>This Ultra-Inspirational Film will give you a whole new perspective on life This important DVD shows how Multi-Racial and Religiously Diverse Groups can unite with the Ultra-Orthodox to Rid Stigma of Mental Retardation and Illness<br />A family secret. Faint memories...of another. One left in the shadows and locked in the past. Abandoned. Once loved, now lost to the anonymous and impersonal halls of a private hospital, denying all dignity to the gentle, middle-aged resident, Uncle Chaim, a scuba mask perched precariously on his face...wishing to be liked, wishing to come home...<br /><br />This is a story of embarrassment, recrimination, reconciliation and tolerance in the world of the Ultra-Orthodox, where the stigma of mental illness still hangs as a thick fog, as is the case in cultures world over, causing family and community to be blind to the gifts before them.<br /><br />This story is what brought an ethnically and religiously diverse group together for this labor of love. Mark Bellows, the nephew of the late Nobel Laureate novelist, Saul Bellows. Tevo Diaz, an award-winning Catholic cinematographer from Chile. Sound man Rick Mowat, who has worked with Woody Allen. Adrian Lovell, a gifted Caribbean-American editor. Dan Ferron, an Irish makeup artist. Dominic Pesce, an Italian-American composer. Healthcare professionals, African-Americans, Italians, Latinos, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, a Rabbi with a production company, and a Hasidic man with a mission. That mission - to break down the walls of the stigma of mental retardation and mental illness.<br /><br />With such a fabulously diverse and devoted cast and crew, it's no wonder that the film's universal message about love and acceptance strikes a profound chord with audiences of all religions and nationalities.<br />This is a story of two brothers from an Ultra Orthodox community. The younger one Abie, healthy and normal, struggling to maintain the illusion of a traditional family; the older, Chaim, mentally challenged - shunned, and shut away in an institution by his embarrassed family, even kept secret from Abie's young son. Trouble begins when Chaim pleads with his brother to come home for a special gathering. Will Abie continue to ostracize his brother out of shame? Only through a series of startling events would Abie realize that his differently abled brother's love, charity - even piety - are greater than his own.<br />Vbr&gt; DVD FEATURES<br /><br />Chapter Selections<br />Trailer<br />Website Link<br />Discussion Points Insert<br />Dolby Stereo Sound<br />Full Screen (4x3)<br />DVD Uncle Chaim<br />43 min.<br />English<br />Ages: 12-Adult<br /><br /></p>
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