Meir Halevi Eshel CD Jewish Soul Violin

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Meir Halevi Eshel CD Jewish Soul Violin

Meir HaLevi Eshel presents “Jewish Soul Violin” – a new album in the Jewish Gold Music series. After the success of the three albums in the “Jewish Guitar” series, and the album “Jewish Woodwinds” from “Jewish Gold Music”, Meir HaLevi Eshel returns with another series “Jewish Soul Violin” – a new first album in a series of melodies for the soul performed by a violin. The album features 12 tracks of the best of Chasidic hits from the past and present, in a special performance by the violinist Shaul Ben Har who joines the acoustic and electronic guitars of the musician and arranger Meir HaLevi Eshel. Shwekey and Razel’s ‘V’Hi SheAmda’, Carlebach’s ‘Shifchi KaMayim’, Yossi Green’s ‘Anavim’, Viznitz’s ‘Mi Adir’, are but a part of the abundance of hits on the album which is appropriate for anyone at any time.

Track Listing:

        1.     Vehi Sheamdah                             
        2.     Shifchi Kamaim                             
        3.     Anavim                             
        4.     Haben Yakir Li                             
        5.     Mi Adir                             
        6.     Yedid NEfesh                             
        7.     Hup Kazak                             
        8.     Aderaba                             
        9.     Ki Vo Moed                             
        10.     Eshet Chayil                             
        11.     Sim Shalom                             
        12.     Tanya

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