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Jewish Count (H/C)

All the Works of Rabbi M. Lehman, Retold by R. Freidman

When the publishers of "Netivot" first approached the idea of issuing the works of Rabbi M. Lehman retold for the youth of this generation, they contemplated upon it with all due seriousness. Rabbi Meir Lehman was a special figure in Jewish history, a person involved in many projects in the area of Torah and spiritual matters in general. The period in which this spiritual giant lived was a trying one for the Jewish people. The Reform movement was wreaking its havoc and Rabbi Lehman's exciting books captivated the hearts of readers young and old. They laid bare the hypocracy of those who had abandoned the way of Torah and through pleasantness, were able to attract the hearts of the youth and draw them closer to their Father in Heaven. Nevertheless, the leaders of our present generation have agreed that the approach that was suitable in his time, today requires a change of direction in order to adapt it to the needs off the pure Jewish education of today. The result: the same vintage wine with its unique flavor, but in different vessels better suited for present day needs. This difficult task, to preserve the old without blemishing it, to rework it and to adapt it to the spirit of these times, was assumed by the gifted authoress, R. Friedman. She attempted and succeeded, as all of the approbations of the great rabbis of our times included herein amply testify. Equally indicative is the enthusiastic public reception of the first set of ten volumes which have already appeared in Hebrew and which far exceeded all expectations. The children in Eretz Yisrael welcomed these with unusual fervor, to the hearty approval of their parents and teachers. We hope and pray that this series, translated by the veteran and skillful hands of Mrs. Sheindel Weinbach, will be similarly received with affection and joy by Jewish children in the Diaspora, as they were by their counterparts in Eretz Yisrael.
by Rabbi M.Lehman, Retold by R. Freidman
Translated by Shaindel Weinbach

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