Pesach in Yerushalayim with Chilik Frank CD [Instrumental Version]

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Pesach in Yerushalayim with Chilik Frank CD

It’s time to revolutionize the next Seder: regenerate with more original songs of the Haggadah, beyond the familiar songs from the kindergarten. Thirty days before the Passover holiday and prepare for it certainly can be applied also to ‘cooking’ holiday tunes. Hilik renowned clarinetist Frank took the matter seriously. Passover preparations began for him this year already after Sukkot. After six months of hard work and strenuous is out of the studio album that will be carrying your holiday: Passover in Jerusalem, a new album in a series of holiday tunes.

Many wondered how most of the songs themselves Seder are familiar to older songs they had learned in kindergarten. Yechiel Frank discovered the reason; Passover is a holiday family. Even the courts of Hasidic editors tables on weekends and holidays in public, the order they used to do only with the family. So formed traditions of music unique to each community and rarely playing for Passover last Hasidic one another. When Yechiel began the work of the collection he had to work hard. But it was worth : foraging are complex found a treasure; Different melodic rhythm of the rest of the times, and materials magic just go out to the public domain. Away Songs Seder includes familiar and favorite, entered the album also melodies associated with each air month of spring, melodies seventh day of Passover, Songs Song of Songs – and even things related to the days of the Omer.

The success of his composition the heart and the spring does not need to talk. Also two previous album series Purim and Sukkot, a huge success when they first album also reached gold status. Little surprise waiting for purchasers of the album: When you open it, find that the disk sits on a silver bowl-like order. Like its predecessors, the album comes out in two versions: an album with Hasidic choir and an instrumental album Speechless.

Instead of grumbling about slavery, begin to dance with the broom, lifting with Hilik until next Passover and you’ll discover that the house was already clean.

Track Listing:

        1.     Vehi Sheamda                             
        2.     Korev Yom                             
        3.     Shomrim                             
        4.     Korev Yom 2                             
        5.     Adir Hu                             
        6.     Chasal Sidur                             
        7.     Mitzrayim                             
        8.     Ezras Avoseinu                             
        9.     Vehu Shemada Karlin                             
        10.     Vehi Sheamda Chabad                             
        11.     Ata Berchartanu Chabad                             
        12.     Ata Berachatanu Viznitz                             
        13.     Shebafelanu                             
        14.     Vehasieinu                             
        15.     Chasal Seder Pesach                             
        16.     Shir Hashirim                             
        17.     Al Genas                             
        18.     Chiku                             
        19.     Hamaver                             
        20.     Bilglal Avos                             
        21.     Nigun Simcha                             
        22.     Biglal Avos Bobov                             
        23.     Nigun Sheviei Shel Pesach                             
        24.     Adir Bimlucha                             
        25.     Rikud Sefirah                             
        26.     Rikud Pesach                             
        27.     V'al Yidei Papa

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